Tower-crane safety focus of inspection blitz

In the wake of two recent tower crane incidents in Toronto, the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) has announced a compliance blitz targeting every tower crane across the province.

Beginning August 31, 2020 through December 13, 2020, inspectors will be checking for records on the condition of the tower crane, before and after erection, and ensure that design drawings for the installation of a tower crane were done by a professional engineer. Inspectors will also check that tower cranes were properly inspected prior to first use, and regularly inspected and maintained afterwards. They will also review logbook entries to ensure operational functions, such as limit and overload limit switches, were properly tested.

Tower cranes are an indispensable part of the construction industry, however, they carry significant hazards and risks during operation.

Common risks include:

  • crane tip/roll-overs
  • people being struck by the load or falling objects from the load
  • people being struck/crushed by a crane part
  • crane contact with objects such as buildings, scaffolds and power lines.

The MLTSD is providing a list of required documentation and crane inspection elements that inspectors could be reviewing when conducting their inspections. Review and download the Ministry’s Tower Crane Inspection List here.

Cranes require regular maintenance and testing to ensure they are:

  • in adequate condition
  • operated, as designed, by the manufacturer and are
  • in compliance with the OHSA and its regulations

Crane owner inspections need to follow the manufacturer’s requirements as well as the requirements within the Construction Regulations, O. Reg. 213/91. This list may be used to ensure that all documentation and testing verification paperwork as well as all inspections are complete and current.