Statement From Minister Flynn On The Release Of The Changing Workplaces Review Final Report

Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn issued the following statement in response to the final report released today:
“The Government of Ontario released the Changing Workplaces Review final report this morning. This is Ontario’s first independent review in more than a generation to seek recommendations for legislative changes to the province’s Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act. I want to thank the special advisors C. Michael Mitchell and the Honourable John C. Murray for the hard work they put into this report, and for the care and thoughtfulness they demonstrated through their recommendations.I would also like to thank all of the women and men, and all of the advocates and representatives from organized labour and our business community who took an active role in the consultation process. The response by so many people across Ontario shows the seriousness of this issue, and confirms why our government has made this a priority.Ontario’s economy is strong and growing. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 16 years, and our GDP growth continues to lead all G7 countries. But with the rapid modernization of the workplace and new technology, people across Ontario are feeling less secure. We have heard from many people that they are no longer able to count on full-time, secure work to provide for themselves and their families. Many people work multiple jobs, on contract or in unstable positions with unreliable hours or pay.

What is clear to me, and to our government, after reading the report is that responsible change can ensure that every hard-working person in our province has the chance to reach their full potential. Fairness and decency must continue to be the defining values of our workplaces.‎ No person in Ontario should ever feel like they can’t get ahead.

Our government has reviewed the recommendations, and will be announcing our formal response within the next week. Action is needed in order to ensure the benefits of our strong economy are shared by every Ontario family. Our government is committed to making the important changes necessary to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The people of Ontario have worked hard to build a province where workers and their families have the opportunity to prosper alongside business, and our actions will help to ensure a fairer future for everyone in our province.”