Keeping People Safe At Work Is Not Just A Duty, It’s The Right Thing To Do

Workplace safety is an area of concern for many sectors and industries, but especially for the construction sector, because it has one of the highest rates of accidents and injuries, even deaths, of any workplace category.

Constructors, contractors, builders and developers have no greater responsibility than to ensure that every worker goes home to his or her family at the end of the day. That’s why efforts in reducing the rate of injury on construction sites is of utmost importance; safety is the greatest responsibility.

Over the course of my experience as a health and safety compliance expert, I’ve learned to appreciate the real power of a company-wide safety culture is in the steps it takes to fully educate every employee about safety rules, policies, best practices, as well as why each of these are so critical to a successful and safe working environment.

It’s a minute by minute consideration in a hands-on environment that is closely monitored and regulated by government legislation. It can mean the world of difference to the success of a business. Failure to create a safe working environment can lead to injuries, illnesses and deaths which can then result in fines running into the millions, and even jail time for the guiding minds.

Construction challenges are unique and requires workers to be on their toes at all times to avoid injury to themselves or others – but the specific risks can be overcome by embracing a strong culture of safety that benefits workers and all employees.

That’s why health and safety compliance experts are vital to any project, as they make sure health and safety regulations are being enforced by supervisors and followed by workers.

There is no excuse for poor safety practices on the job site because keeping people safe at work is not just a duty, it’s the right thing to do.

Since 1989, Tickner & Associates has delivered the highest level of customer service to our clients’ health and safety programs, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Our team of highly skilled experts deliver superior service with new and innovative safety solutions to clients who own, lease, build or manage commercial and institutional properties; construction projects; governments; hospitals; and most every other sector where workplace safety is a critical issue.

We identify, develop and implement proven strategic health and safety solutions designed to make the management of construction safety easy for workers and supervisors while producing first-class results in complex and often-challenging environments.

We stand by our safety credentials and vast years of experience; we value integrity and the highest standards of ethics; and we guarantee that our efforts for your health and safety program will help you save money.

We take great pride in helping empower work forces through education and awareness to ensure your business operation is based on sound health and safety practices and in compliance with government policies, procedures and regulations.

We define our success by the value and impact we deliver on behalf of our clients. It’s what we do. We are unique, We are passionate.

Safety – It’s what we do.