All Workers Are Entitled To A Safe Workplace

Construction sites can be especially dangerous for your health. And unless they’re managed by competent people, they can be deadly, too.

Though much improvement in safety has been achieved over the past few decades, some segments of the construction industry still continue to fall behind most others with regard to safety.

That means that there continues to be a recurring chance of serious injury or even fatal injury, for not only workers, but also those living or travelling and going about their daily routines near construction sites.

According to a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board By the Numbers 2014 report, statistics show that, between 2005-2014, more than 11,000 workers in Ontario have suffered critical injuries at their workplace – an average of about 1,000 critical injuries a year. During that same period, over 700 workers have been killed on the job.

Ontario’s construction industry has traditionally experienced higher rates of workplace injuries and fatalities compared to other workplace sectors. In 2013, the construction sector represented 7 per cent of employment in Ontario but 26 per cent of fatalities.

That is an unacceptable reality.

With projects and budgets reaching hundreds of millions and billions of dollars, it’s easy to get tied up with work progress and results while working on a project. Delivering on those contract agreements is of paramount importance to all companies, big or small, and unsafe work practices can end up costing valuable time and money that can ruin carefully planned budgets and schedules. Though secondary to the well being of workers, the most important aspect of any construction project must always be the safety of workers.

Safeguarding workers is a vital part of any work site. The same can be said for any industry; good health and safety conditions form good and safe business practice.

Tickner & Associates experts can encourage and facilitate the process so that the proper health and safety regulations are being followed at all times.  Many think of us as lifeguards, making sure everybody complies with standard rules. This includes everyday labourers, supervisors, managers, as well as site visitors and members of the public.

We act as teammates for the workforce on the ground. We also discuss potential safety issues with foremen, site supervisors and construction managers and devise solutions for problems that are troubling workers.
All workers are entitled to a safe work place in which to operate.  At Tickner & Associates, we look out for the best interests of our clients and their workforce, to make sure this is the case. It’s what we do.